Burn The Farm

Strength Work:

  • Back Squat - 5 x 5 @ 82.5%
  • Shoulder Press (from floor) - 5 x 5, increasing 

You will superset these two movements. As soon as you come out of the rack from Back Squats, you will clean your barbell and do 5 strict shoulder presses. Back Squat weight will remain the same for all 5 sets as your shoulder press should increase. 

Carry Water to the Farm:

  • We are trying to put out the fire at our farm. There will be an 8:00min clock set for you to get 3 opportunities to Carry Water to the Farm. Each opportunity will be Max Effort. Your score is the total rest time, the time that your farm burns. 
    • Plate Pinch
    • KB Hold
    • Plate Pinch