Free Intro Session with a Certified Trainer

Schedule a session with a CrossFit Trainer who will show you around the box, shadow you through the class, and introduce you to our program. You will go over how to warm up, get mobility work, nutrition tips, goal setting tips, and a good WOD (Workout of the Day). Come give it a shot and see if CrossFit is right for you!


After successful completion of the On-Ramp Training you can join as a CrossFit member and enjoy the camaraderie and support system of Rock It CrossFit and all its members. All workouts are programmed and scaled for you. Just show up and give your everything and the results will follow! Our membership plan is fully unlimited and you can come to as many class times as you like. We have options for month to month, 6 or 12 month contracts, each paying month to month.

*All Military, Police, Fire Dept, EMT, Spouses, Family Members and Teachers get a 15% discount on either membership each month. Family Packages as well.